Educatieve verhalen voor Kinderen

Educational stories for children
An Animation by Manuel Leito
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About the project
LOCKLINEThe 20 best stories about Nature, Nutrition, Standards & values ​​and animals. Educational stories for children from 4 to 10 years old.

Contribution to nature and the environment starts with me!
I always liked children. Children have a big road ahead of them where they learn from the world by trial and error. Animation speaks to the imagination and fantasy world of children. With the acting thoughts to make a contribution to society, the focus is on 'Fun stories with an educational layer'.

All themes, "nature, nutrition, standards, values ​​and animals" are in line with our current environment. We teach children, among other things, why plastic can not be thrown into nature or why drinking water is so important. In some stories children can do something like nettle making tea, or feeding birds by smearing peanut butter on a tree. 20 Simple educational stories for the development of children.

What is a movie book?
This is a unique children's book. Where children normally view pictures or read stories, they can watch fun animated films in this book. In the book there are 4 themes with various topics. In total there are 20 stories that all contribute to social, social or environmental education for children from 4 to 10 years. Even parents will come across some nice facts here.

Crowdfunding Campaign
So what now? We have finished the stories and we are going to take the first steps to bring this film book to the market. We need the public to be able to take the first steps, namely the purchase of a first stock. With a successful result we can buy a first stock with which we then make the step to bookshops. As a funder, you will of course receive the very first copy of this book!



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Quote that inspired the maker

Hi, I'm Thobias. I am learning about themes like: Nature, food, standards & values ​​and animals. I learn about five different topics within each theme. Now I know for example that drinking water is healthy, how to brush my teeth in the right way, what good and bad bacteria are and much more. I was able to learn in a playful manner about subjects that are sometimes difficult to explain.
Thobias the character of the story
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