Dancing on a Razor's Edge

Dancing on a Razor's Edge
A Documentary by Erwin van 't Hof en Aurora Peters
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About the project
LOCKLINEA search for the different answers to the question: what happens when you close a border?

The return of fences
Since we’re both born in 1989, we associate the end of the Cold War foremost with the historic footage of the fall of the Berlin wall. Now, nearly thirty years later, there are almost more fences along European borders than before. What is going on? What does Europe need protection from? And what happens when you close a border? In Hungary, where the government placed a four-meter-high fence alongside its Southern border, we went looking for answers.

What happens when you close a border?
We asked this question to Hungarian citizens, mayors of border villages, activists, aid workers, refugees and scholars. Every single one of them gave a different answer, every one of them opted for a different solution. In our film, we show how complicated borders can be, that thinking in ‘us and them’ does no right to the actual situation and what the consequences are when a government, that does think that way, comes to power.

Why crowdfunding?
For nine weeks, we filmed and conducted interviews in Hungary. Although, most costs have already been covered, we could really use your help for the last phase of the process! Because Hungarian is a pretty tricky language to learn, we’ve hired a translator who is currently working on the subtitles. Also, we are working with a composer who is currently making the film’s original score.

In the end, we hope that as many people as possible will watch the documentary in order to start a constructive discussion about borders. Therefore, we want to send our film to various international film festivals. Since all of the above costs money, we hope that you’re willing to help us to make Dancing on a Razor’s Edge a success!

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Quote that inspired the maker

“Now what’s going to happen to us without the barbarians? Those people were a kind of solution.”
Constantine P. Cavafy