A Short film by Jesse van der Meulen
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LOCKLINEA search for the answers to the question 'What is reality?'

In 2015 a picture of a dress went viral. The picture split people up between two camps. Those who thought the dress was coloured blue and black and those who thought it was white and gold. The solution? Some claimed that having fewer receptors in the human eye was the the cause. Others claimed the human brain attempts to 'fix'  the image it's colours because of the shadow tint. Meaning the brain could adjust an observation through associations that are already there.

So a lot happens after the human brain observes the 'real' reality. Is your reality exactly the same as mine? And how do we know that his 'real'  reality isn't just all a simulation. Like the world we see in a video game? More and more scientific research seems to suggest this, as well as the example of Elon Musk. A psychosis is seen as false images that the brain composes, but can they also be real?

These are the questions that keep me busy and have led to coming up with this story. The film 'Controller' will become a short conceptual fiction film that goes deeper into this philosophy.

Chris is depressed. After two unsuccessful suicide attempts, he comes home defeated. He falls back into his usual pattern, until a discovery in a video game changes his thinking about life. Chris goes outside and starts undertaking actions that he would never dare to do before. To the outside world, Chris seems to lose his grip on reality, but Chris himself feels more alive than ever. Previously he felt controlled by the system, but now he seems to be in control. Is he really?

My name is Jesse (24). I am in the graduation year of the AKV St Joost in Breda. Every day I study this philosophy. But besides The Matrix, there is little fiction material about the same theme. Yes, many films use psychoses and dream scenes to get into the head of the character, but few films question it. I see fiction as the means to introduce people to this theme in an entertaining way. I combine a pile of existing stories, add my personal experiences and 'perfect' this to a story that really 'fits' me.

It's up to me to produce this movie, but I need you! Your donation will be used to fund equipment, crew, catering, locations, costumes and more. Unfortunately I don't drive a Bentley in Hollywood. I'm a director working out of his student home in the Netherlands. Your donation makes this movie possible!



This project is supported by 'Impulsgelden Noord-Brabant' and 'Kunstloc Brabant'.

Quote that inspired the maker

What is life? - Now you can see video games that are photo realistic and millions of people are playing it simultaneously. Eventually those games will be indistinguishable from reality. -You won’t be able to tell the difference between that game and the reality as we know it. How do we know that did not happen in the past? And that we are not in those games ourselves?
Elon Musk