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About the project
LOCKLINECOLORS is an action movie with a unique concept in which science fiction and dance are combined. A movie about strength and connection.


We have launched a promo action to get you connected with the rest of the crowd at the pre-premiere (in Amsterdam or nearby city). Donations of € 50,- and up receive ONE EXTRA TICKET to the pre-première! Hope to see you there! This promo has been extended and runs till the end of the campaign. The pre-premiere is in The Netherlands, the official premiere will remain for the greatest film festival that we can get into with this film! Support us to make it happen!


How it all began

The idea for this movie started in Japan when Robert, the director, was working there as an actor and dancer. This film is built upon the enthusiasm to create chances, opportunities, bring together creative people from all over the world and connect with one another. The strong belief that boundaries across countries should not exist and that we are all humans that are connected in some way has been a huge motivation for the storyline.

Besides this, two questions have further inspired the creation of this movie:
1. A classic one: the universe is so immensely vast, are we humans the only ones in it, or is there possibly more?
2. And a directors question: can we create a movie that combines science fiction with dance and spirituality with amazing action and visual effects?

One and a half year later, we have an amazing team that can’t wait to produce COLORS; an exciting tale filled with action, science fiction and contemporary dance!




Imagine you wake up in a field. While your eyes are still closed, you feel an incredible tiredness and pain in your whole body. When you open your eyes and look around, you see thousands of other people on the field with the same confused look in their eyes as you do. Where are you? How long have you been lying there? And more importantly, how did you end up there? No clue. When home, you find out that you, just like that, went off and left your newborn child in a dangerous situation. Luckily, your wife (or husband) was there to save your baby. You never want this to ever happen again! Now what do you do? This is where the story of Brian starts. He goes after the truth of what happened the night before and gets both help and resistance on this adventure.


Concept of the movie

Government organisations all over the world have chipped individuals with a chip that can take over their behaviour and make them dance. The dancing releases their inner force, their spiritual energy. The government program is based on combining all these people together and multiplying their energy to form an energetic shield against threatening extraterrestrial energies that are approaching earth rapidly. This is where science fiction meets dance as an artform.


Visual effects?

Yea! The teasers gives you an impression of what we want to create, but the actual project is a bit bigger than this. Where we now see 6 dancers, we will create an epic dance scene with thousands of dancers! This will be created with a large group of at least 40 dancers and visual effects (VFX). We also want to visualize their life energy that forms an energetic shield and the extraterrestrial energy by use of VFX. There are some extra visual effects in the movie, but let’s not give away all of the fun here!



Why this summer?

We aim to shoot this summer and there are several reasons for that. First of all because we want to have good weather. Therefore July and August are perfect, since we’re in The Netherlands. Secondly, because in the past one and a half year that we’ve been preparing for this project, we now gathered this great group of enthusiastic talents that are ready to make this happen. We want to use the momentum of their passion and creativity to produce this film right now. And thirdly, also momentum thing, there is a lot of interest and curiosity for the unique concept of this movie at the moment, from both science fiction and dance lovers as well as from film industry people and we would like to build upon this momentum to get sponsors for the post-production and viewers for when the movie is finished.


What is the budget being used for?

To make this movie as epic and artistic as we want it to be, we require a budget for two phases. One: Shooting the movie. That means all the costs for renting camera-gear, locations, travel expenses and food for the cast and crew. And two: Post-production. That means everything that needs to happen with the film after it has been captured on camera: editing, color grading, and the visual effects.


Your contribution makes a difference!

If you are as excited as we are to see this movie, then we ask for your help to make this happen. If you contribute to our campaign, you are not only supporting us, but you will also get a great rewards. Any amount is valuable to us and brings us a step closer to bringing this movie to life. Together with your help, we can do this! The minimum contribution is € 5,- and will get your name in the credits. Have a look at the list to see the other rewards!



Film festivals

Besides great enthusiasm, one of the motivations driving this project is creating chances and opportunities. That is why we also want to send the final film to film festivals around the globe. That way we reach more people and bring exposure to all the creators and performers who work on the project.


Spread the word!

We create this movie also for you! Let’s state the facts: We are an enthusiastic team of professional creatives, actors and dancers from all over the world that LIVE for creating art! We aim to create an amazing action movie that you will LOVE! The more people know about this project, the more people we can reach out to. So please spread the word around so that more people like you can join the force and ENJOY this movie when it is finished!




We don't want to spam you with daily mails about updates. However, we do post daily updates on our facebook page. So if you want to follow us step-by-step, then go here:

Quote that inspired the maker

Every time you dance is a celebration of life
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