Bye bye Ping...

Hello backers,

First of all, a big thanks to all of you who supported us and believed in our project. Unfortunately, as you may know, our crowdfund was unsuccessful in the end. What does this mean for you and the project?

What this means for you is pretty straightforward. You will get your money back (minus a small fee that Cinecrowd handles for the bank transfer). Cinecrowd has transferred all pledges last Monday, so you will receive this, depending on your bank and country, shortly.

For the project is another story. It will be finished, don't worry about that. But without funding, this means it will take a lot longer, we have to be resourceful and have to change or even delete some of our plans.

If you are one of the cinecrowd backers and still want to be a part of our journey and would like to help us out? You can contact us on our email We are still open for donations or any kind of help.

Again, thanks for all your efforts and hope to see or hear from you soon.


Michael and Niels

Don't e-mail the supporters: 


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