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LOCKLINEA short film about friendship and conditional love between rich and poor that changes when the financial balance suddenly comes into balance.

Wilma and Fred from North Holland are simply happy, despite Wilma's handicap. They are always red and enjoy the little things. Friend Claire is married to the wealthy businessman Berend-Jan, who is always 'worked overtime' at the office. When Claire buys her 'second-hand' gift for Wilma's birthday, it will sharpen their friendship.

Will the friendship between the two women be strong enough? You're going to see it!

To show that love and friendship cannot be conditional, we have given this story a heartwarming jacket, with a surprising denouement.

Well, it's still a charly short film of course...

To illustrate the theme I made the following equation: As a child you learn to share your sweets when other children have no sweets. But this is not the case for some people. They want to have all the candies and then give those who they think deserve a candies some candies.
But with a camera there…

But .... if the 'underdog' suddenly can buy his candy , then the ratio changes immediately

Actually a serious underlying theme, but given my positive attitude to life, poured into a beautiful story.

After having paid for several previous projects completely out of my own pocket, I was ready for the next step, a short feature film of about 30 minutes.

Besides the enormous amount of time and energy, I need not say that this costs quite a lot of money. Think of: expenses for suitable locations, equipment, clothing, props, registration fees for film festivals, etc.

That's why we really need your help!!! That would give us so many more options and take the pressure off a bit more, so that we can focus more on shaping the content.

This film should refresh everyone's sense of sharing and giving!

Let's start right away ;) You make a donation, we give a nice movie. (and of course great and unique extras... have a look at the right)

You are amazing!

Quote that inspired the maker

Money, it's a crime Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie!
pink floyd
make sure this movie gets realised

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