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LOCKLINEAfter the failure of WWII operation MarketGarden the Betuwe region is thrown into chaos. One lonely villager has to choose between Justice or Revenge.

Film story

Bram van Workum, director and owner of AC Films, would like to make a new short feature film in collaboration with Exodus-Huissen and various re-enactment associations. The feature film 'Betuwe44' depicts an unknown part of the Dutch war winter '44 -'45 in the front line between Germans and Allies. They consciously choose not only to portray the military perspective in the film, but also the experiences of the civilians of the Betuwe. Their knowledge and enthusiasm make this a film for and by local people.

Our story follows Johannes Crekel, a local villager, who must carefully navigate this perilous time to try and safeguard what remains of his family and village. Little does he know that his fate will come down to a basic choice between justice and revenge. Will he be able to push the chaos aside and make the right choice?

Film based on true history

Although Johannes Crekel is a fictional character, the names, events and circumstances are based on true stories. After World War II Operation Market Garden failed in September 1944, a six-month period of intense fighting followed between the Allies who liberated Nijmegen and the Germans who kept their hold on Arnhem. Between these cities, civilians of the agricultural region of the ‘Betuwe’ were caught in the crossfire and deliberately flooded land. They had to leave their hearth and home, or even assist soldiers in the gathering of food and resources.

Symbolic parallels as a deeper layer

Director Van Workum wants to give the story a deeper meaning. In addition to the adventures Crekel experiences, it is also a story about his personal development that has symbolic parallels with the story of Pinocchio and the 'Heroes Journey' of Joseph Campbell. The dilemmas confronting the main character make people think: how would I ract and react if I would be in a similar situation as the main character? The WWII setting gives it an extra dimension.

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Wanted: partners and financing

The production as we would love to make it, is not easy to be realized. To realize the entire film project, the team is actively looking for partners, sponsors and funds. With the amount of € 8,000 that we hope to raise through CineCrowd, we want to realize (some) parts of the film. In this way we hope to realize part of the budget of this film project. We have a tailor-made reward for every donation, because we want to thank everyone who contributes!


We would like to see Bram's dream of telling this story through a feature filmcome true. It is actually the dream of many in the Betuwe. We hope that you are interested in helping! If you have any questions or when are you interested in cooperation, please let us know. We have more information available (proposal, treatment and vision of the director's vision of the story).

You can e-mail to You can also call +31 6 48493904 or send an app.

Our website tells more about the project and the film story.

The Betuwe44 Foundation was established to realize the film and financing thereof. We have been designated as an cultural ANBI foundation by the tax authorities, so there is an extra gift deduction for individuals and companies with the (Dutch) tax authorities. Check


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Quote that inspired the maker

"You had on your shoulders not only the whole world but Him who made it. I am Christ your king, whom you are serving by this work."
"Lives of Saints", John J. Crawley & Co.
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