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LOCKLINEAurora takes her father to Iceland to see the northern lights together for the last time, which has a special meaning to both of them.


AURORA tells the story of a father and daughter who make a last journey together to Iceland in order to see the northern lights, wich has very special meaning to them.

The script is written by Bart Dokter, who will also direct the film. Maartje Remmers and Raymond Thiry will portray the roles of Aurora and her father and the film will be produced by Worldvisuals Film and Big Shots.

The theme of the film is the connection between parent and child, wich is more powerfull than death. A short film really enables a filmmaker to go straight to the point of such a heavyweighted and beautifull theme, because of the simplicity of the story. Less is more!

The story takes place in Iceland, because of some locations wich really support the story. Furthermore the northern lights are crucial to the story:

To incorporate al these elements in our film, we're planning on shooting it in Iceland during winter.

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Bart Dokter (and cast and crew AURORA)

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"I thought about quitting, but then I noticed who was watching"