Amerika - De Nederlandse geschiedenis van de VS

Amerika - The Dutch history of the US
A Documentary by Thijs Roes
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LOCKLINEA documentary that explores the Dutch history of the United States, to see what remains today of this neglected part of its beginnings.

If you flip through an American history book, you’ll notice that its history doesn’t really catch steam until you hit the English colonies. Even though the United States are the result of a wild bunch of migrations throughout human history. And one of those forgotten historic journeys, is that of New Netherland.

This Dutch colony has long been regarded as unimportant, insignificant and vanished: traders who weren’t interested in long-term settlement with no cultural influence on American history. It didn’t help that the English were one of Holland’s main enemies in the centuries after.

Recent research has shown that the influence of New Netherlands has actually been underestimated, undervalued and traces can actually still be physically found. Even certain charactaristic of what’s been called ‘the American spirit’ can be traced back to these first merchants.

It’s about time that this history is dusted off and is recorded in the best possible way: by making a TV documentary. The goal is to see what remains today of those first settlers. Like some of the houses they and their offspring left behind, a man whose family has been living on the Hudson since the 17th century, and documents from New Amsterdam that survived their voyage through time.

This project will be the first chapter of what eventually will be a film that encapsulates four centuries of the Dutch history of the United States. From New Amsterdam to immigration in the 19th century, to Dutch trade missions that happen to this day. And the money we hope to raise here through Cinecrowd allows us to fund the actual tour along the Hudson, add a camerawoman, pay for editing and post-production, and maybe even make a start with the campaign for the next chapters.

Quote that inspired the maker

Most historians minimalize the Dutch and get to the English as quickly as possible. But what you find out is how deeply the Dutch cast roots here and how much of their culture they transmitted.
Charles Gehring
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