Ambassador of CineCrowd

CineCrowd ambassador

Do you love film? And do you want to give filmmakers the opportunity to share their dream project with the world starting from its first steps? Then become ambassador of CineCrowd! Let's support filmmakers together.


CineCrowd Ambassador

As a CineCrowd ambassador you benefit from the access to exclusive events, but above all you support a new way of financing films. For a contribution of 50 Euros you will receive:

- the yearly 'best of CineCrowd' DVD

- twice a year an invitation for one of our filmmaker's days (monthly)

- Exclusive invitations for CineCrowd premieres 

- A newsletter with latest inside-information

- lots of our love!


At any time you can end your ambassadorship (by telephone or e-mail). The ambassador-membership will then be ended immediately and without extra cost (the redemption of your contribution will be made every 1st of January).