Algirdas and Domas

Algirdas and Domas
A Short film by Alexander Dulenko
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LOCKLINEThe death of their father brings two brothers together in their old house; where nothing seems to have changed, but everything seems to be different.



    ‘Algirdas and Domas’ is a fiction film about two brothers who come back together after not seeing each other for many years. They come back to their family house in Lithuania where they grew up together, to bury their father who died in complete loneliness.

The younger brother Domas lives abroad and can’t be on time for the funeral. He arrives two days later. When the brothers meet each other for the first time, they try to find a way to speak to each other. By wandering in and around the house they experience the bygone past and discover the place in a new way.

Their father’s death clouds the atmosphere which the brothers must share together. Their old house is the place to think about past, now and future. The early death of their father is a missed chance to say something to him, to apologize or to thank him. The brothers still feel the connection with him through the objects in the house. The house speaks with them by the door that creaks and the wind that blows inside through the windows. Maybe it’s the father who wants to say make his presence feel. 

Algirdas proposes to Domas to help him plant potatoes, as it was the last thing their father asked Algirdas to do before dying. While working in the field they understand how much has changed in this long period. Algirdas lives a calm, pragmatic life together with his wife. Domas is still searching for the essence and the truth of life. Both of them have a lot to discuss. They work together on the field and try to find meaning in their brotherhood. They search for a way to explain their inner struggle they hold from back from their surroundings. Do they still need each other?




The idea for this movie is based on my visit to my own family house in the winter of 2017. The house was still the same, but everything seemed to be different. One week before my visit my grandmother died. She lived 40 years in this house. It’s was strange for me to not see her sitting on the bed. It was quiet in the kitchen and the TV was off. I felt a mix of different feelings at this moment. Every sound that I heard in the house was a reflection of her. It became as an sacred place where I felt myself as an outsider. It was for the First time that I was a visitor and not the owner of this house. Suddenly the past and the future came together. There is something that ended one week ago, but there is still something that will exist further. I decided to think about this feeling in the shape of ‘cinema’.

The placing of Algirdas and Domas in the environment where they grew up ensures the connection that they didn’t feel for a long time. The emptiness and silence of the surrounding creates the possibility to disconnect from the outside world. Now they can keep themselves busy with the essential questions. Algirdas and Domas can only ‘exist’ in this environment and face the most important question – what does their brotherhood mean? They think and talk about it, but the distance between them makes it difficult to say everything what they want to say.         


I will emphasize their ‘existing’ in this place by using an independent camera and mise-en-scène. The camera won’t pay specific attention to the brothers trying to capture them, but the brothers will walk in and out of frame accidently. Not the voices that are surrounded by silence, but the silence that can be broken through the voices of the brothers. The past and now comes together. The camera is a witness, a third person that follows an own route observing and catching moments by chance. It’s a material ghost that floats in and outside the house. I choose to let the camera tell its own story by showing or not showing the dialogues, actions and thoughts of Algirdas and Domas. By using this way of storytelling I attempt to reach and activate the interpretation and self-reflection of the spectator.



Quote that inspired the maker

I am afraid to not understand my existing. Afraid to admit the simplicity of it.