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Truth Will Out
A Short film by Michael Creutzburg
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LOCKLINEAn interracial couple deals with the lie that has come between them in their own way.


Truth Will Out is a short romantic dramafilm, about an interracial couple that has to deal with the lie that has come between them. The film is written by Jung Sun den Hollander and is going to be directed by Michael Creutzburg. The film is part of the Cinemasia Filmlab 2018, a program that was created to stimulate a wider range of Asian representation and other diasporic identities on television and cinema screens in the Netherlands and around the world.


Hiromi (34), an artistic Japanese woman, returns home to her Dutch partner Tom (26), after being away for a week. The special relationship the lovers have, causes Hiromi to feel Tom hiding something from her that he feels guilty about. Without ever speaking of the truth, the couple tries to deal with the lie that has come between them and deal with this in their own way.


This story started for me with the fantasy of being sexually unfaithful and what consequences this would have on my relationship. I started thinking how it would be, if I had to face my loved one and I was wondering if I would be able to hide this from her. I thought this was a very tense prospect to say the least. I know I wouldn't be able to handle this at all. I would likely be ripped apart by guilt and my partner would see right through me. I find this very interesting and this is the basis of my story.

Truth Will Out is a term coined by Shakespeare in 'The Merchant of Venice', which by now has become synonymous for it's meaning. Now, I don't literally believe in this saying, but I do believe that in some way the truth is always coming for you. If you speak out about the lie it might have direct consequences, like the ending of a relationship, but if you try to keep it to yourself, you will also have to deal with it. There is no escape.

Now although I think it's important to show the truth always coming for you, I don't want to stigmatise the way people deal with the truth. It's not a moralistic film about right or wrong, but more so a contemplation on what a lie can do to people. All relationships are different and I believe it's an important message that love is not as black and white as it is often portrayed. I want to show the grey area of a relationship, in which people resolve difficult issues in their own way and ultimately their feelings overcome stigma.


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(Stills of 'Laatkomers' (left) and 'Distance' (right), two short romantic dramafilms directed by Michael Creutzburg. Take a look on

Quote that inspired the maker

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
Mark Twain
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