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African Vibes
A Documentary by Joanna Leijten, Jolande Louis, Marieke Naessens
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About the project
LOCKLINEIn this documentary we follow three Westerners in Uganda and Tanzania and show how simple it can be to follow your heart.


What is this documentary about?

in a world full of choices...

Yes. And now? What am I going to do with my life?

Who cannot identify with that moment? Just finished high school, graduated, working, or something in the middle of that. With the dozens of decisions to make nowadays (or aren’t there thousands?): what am I going to do? How can I contribute to this world? And - oh no - the worse of all: how will I get happy?

why africa?

Happily three Dutchies already did that for you. Standing on that crossroad in their life, they decided to leave their homes and change it for the African continent. Because over there they are going to find their happiness. Their meaning, hopes and dreams, all together packed in some tropical temperatures. In this documentary we follow three Dutchies who are doing developmental work in Uganda and Tanzania and they will show you how simple it can be to follow your heart.

why developmental work?

In African Vibes we will find the motivation of these people. How did they get through that chaos of choices and went straight for their goal? Why did they choose to leave for Africa to do something good for someone else? Which desire was behind that wish to do that developmental work?

a dose full of positive african vibes on your screen

Where the current media mostly likes to spam about the negative aspects of Africa and developmental work, we want to do something different. We are going to show you some positive vibes. What can we learn from Africa and what is doing good doing for someone?

That all combined and packed in some sizzling inspiring African vibes, so we preferably want to leave nów and let our hearts glow in this beautiful continent.


Why crowdfunding?!

Are you already getting some African Vibes already? And do you want to be sure that this documentary is going to be online for real? Then donate at our crowdfunding, so African Vibes will shine on your screen very soon!

African Vibes is a initiative by Joanna, Marieke and Jolande: three starting freelancers who want to put Africa and developmental work in some more shiny and positive daylight. We work independently, which means we don't have to promote anything which you are not interested in, but it also means that we don't have any financial support. With the crowdfunding we hope to get the money to realise African Vibes: a bit for us, but mainly for you!

What do we pay from the crowdfunding money?

- The material (filming is pretty expensive!)

- Very basic living costs in Africa (15 euros per person a day for sleeping, eating and transportation. Yes: we are going cheap!)

What do we pay for ourselves?

- Our flight ticket

- All the extra activities which will come on our way in Africa

- Promotion, editing, writing the documentary… In other words: all our time and energy. We are doing this happily voluntary :)

Why donate NOW?

Of course no one is obligated to make a donation, but we will put all our energy in realising our dream to produce a positive image about Africa and developmental work. For this we need the crowdfunding and yóu can help us. Lucky you!

When the target amount is realised, it means we can produce African Vibes and we can inspire people who are also in this chaotic place in their lives.

And besides that: for once and for all we finally can throw some positive vibes from Africa into the world! With African Vibes there will be a new energy in the documentary-world. Nowadays there are mainly critical documentaries, who zoom into the problems of Africa and developmental work. In African Vibes we want to do that different. We want to focus on the possibilities of this continent, through personal stories of people who emigrated there.

With supporting African Vibes, you also make a contribution to that. And that's pretty nice, or not?!

Quote that inspired the maker

We can change the world and make it a better place. It's in your hands to make a difference!
Nelson Mandela
This project was closed on 26-09-2018

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