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LOCKLINEPressured by the 19th century class society, Eleanor is faced with a moral dilemma: Will she be led by fear, or will she do the honorable thing?


Abasement is a psychological horror set in England during the heyday of the Victorian era. Class society held the country in its grip. The average Briton had only one goal: to achieve the highest social status in order to be able to lead a bearable life. There was no room for others on that path. After all, charity and neighborly care could easily get in the way of personal ambition.

Abasement is based on the real history of Victorian England. A history in which mental health was not a priority. A history that we in the Netherlands mainly know from books such as 'De koele meren des doods'.

The film continuously walks the line between the supernatural and the horror that can only be found in reality. Every minute, the film gets a little darker and creeps under your skin until becoming almost unbearably grim. Uncover the harsh reality of Victorian England. Get to know the practices from the 19th century and feel how some mistakes made then are still part of today's society.

We would like to tell you more about our project and the story, of course without spoilers.


Eleanor is a well-mannered and dedicated businesswoman who is actually ahead of her time. She wants to have children and is considering adoption. That was harder than it seems: adoption laws did not exist yet, and families who took in lower-class children were looked down upon. Fearing she might slander her family name, Eleanor has not taken any steps yet. Instead of starting a family, she focuses on her career.

We meet her in a carriage, rattling onto the estate of her newest client, Mr. Harris. When she meets him, she notices that the man is behaving oddly. Although he has invited her, he seems to despise her presence. On top of that, he seems uncomfortable around her. The restless feeling Eleanor experiences is reinforced by the presence of a veiled figure hidden in the dark hallways of the estate. Eleanor will soon find out this figure carries a dark secret with her.


"C'est le ton qui fait la musique."

The atmosphere of the film is decisive for Abasement. We have been inspired by scenes from various (psychological) horror films and other media, for example: Hereditary, IT 2, P.T. and Rosemary's baby. The book 'The Yellow Wallpaper' also had a major influence on the development of our idea.

In addition, we took inspiration from the hidden mother phenomenon. Taking a photo used to take a lot of time. This made it difficult to take a good picture of small children. After all, they don't like sitting still. To help with this, mothers hid under a cloth or curtain to reassure their children without being seen. As a result, the children remained calm and a beautiful, yet (through today's lens) creepy photo was made.


Let's start by saying that Abasement was created out of love for cinema in general but more specifically in honor of the thriller and horror genres. Out of the urge to create an innovative Dutch horror production, Abasement was realized by a group of enthusiasts.

In addition to our shared love for film, the story also sheds light on a forgotten piece of world history. We do it in style, of course, through the lens of the grim Victorian era, but the subjects in the film repeat themselves and may be as topical today as they were then.


The film is entirely realized by young professional filmmakers. Many of the crew members studied at the Nederlandse filmacademie, others work in the in the corporate video market. With Abasement we are taking a leap of faith and many of us are shooting our first shot for a place in the (Dutch) film industry.

Your support for this project therefore contributes to the creation of a new generation of filmmakers!


Perhaps the most important question: where does your money go? We've already shot the whole movie, but that's not the end of the process. After all, a film is made in 3 stages: during the writing of the script, during the filming of the production and during the post-processing of the shot material.

At the moment Abasement is in the final stage: the post-production. This process isn't limited to the editing, but also entails the color grading of the scenes, post-processing the sound, adding special effects and composing the musical score.

Your investment will be spent directly on professional specialists within the film industry, who can ensure that all elements of the post-production are arranged down to the last detail. In this way the final product will be of optimal quality.

We are eternally grateful for your support and hope to be able to share the film with you and the rest of the world as soon as possible!



Quote that inspired the maker

"You're lower than a bastard. You have none of me in you. You're just a bastard from a basket." - I thank God I have none of you in me."
Daniel - HW Plainview | There Will Be Blood
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