Kennis van de zalm

Salmon of Knowledge
A Short film by Eloi Roobol
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About the project
LOCKLINEA journey overseas, in search for the future.

Fin, a young poet from Ireland, has left his homeland and started living in a tiny house near the ocean. Because nearly nobody else lives in this remote village, life can sometimes be quite lonely for a young chap like Fin. On an early morning, an experienced fisherman navigates his boat into the bay in front of Fin’s house. This fisherman has been hunting for salmon, who conceal themselves on the bottom of the ocean during wintertime.

How did this project start?

I started this project after going through an amazing experience in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northern Italy. Writer, cliniclown and life-coach ‘’Stefan Braito’’ has inspired me here, by showing me nature and the beauty of it. He talked about nature being the place where anybody can be himself, for both young and old. I have been able to capture this experience and make a documentary out of it, called: The Invisible Beauty.


Who has worked together with me on this project?

Up-and-coming Dutch actor, Yannick Jozefzoon, i.a. known from the movies ‘’Boy 7 and All You Need Is Love’’, has contributed phenomenally to the story of this film. After I had finished one of the first drafts of the script, I had contacted Yannick to work together on the development of the storyline. This very talented actor has been a true kickstarter for this project.

The second man, who will be experiencing the entire journey with us from the beginning till the end, is Mike Libanon. Up to now, this incredibly experienced actor, i.a. known from ‘’Oogappels, Zomer in Zeeland and Voetbalmaffia’’, has undoubtedly been an enormous driving force for the entire project. His vision, clarity and character is an inspiration for every teamplayer.

Ronald Kalter, a talented second year student at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, has definitely shown us what he is made of during the past few months. This boy never rejects an adventure, even when the adventure seems to be difficult at times. It is absolutely not an easy film to make, but with the persistence of somebody like Ronald nothing is impossible.  

Finally, a well-known artist from Leiden named Hans de Bruijn, took part in this project and even made his debut as an actor! Who knows more about the art itself than an experienced craftsman, whose paintings hang in the Urban Museum The Lakenhal, the LUMC hospital in Leiden and at Unilever in London! An amazing man full of talent and a passion for art.

Curious about the entire team? Have a look under the ‘’Cast and Crew’’ tab and find out who made this project come to life.

Why a crowdfunding?

Up to now, this project was entirely funded out of our own pockets. Unfortunately, those savings will also run out. To be able to film the last scènes of the film, some gear still has to be rented. Nowadays submitting films to festivals also costs money and with your help we can show our story to as many people as possible during open screenings. Therefore, I am looking for people who are willing to contribute to this project by donating some spare money. With every donation we want to give away a little present, to show you our appreciation for your help and effort. We want to thank you so much beforehand for all you support and love!

Quote that inspired the maker

The thoughts of roots you make in your mind, will eventually make fruits of their kind.
Jahseh D. Onfroy
This project was successfully funded on 04-04-2019

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