A Short film by Dion van Velzen
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LOCKLINEIn the far future, four masked figures drag along a mysterious chest. On their journey, they find more than just exhaustion.

Okay, so you've just watched our awesome Crowdfunding video (if not, please do so!) now you know who's behind the project, and why we want to make this remarkable project. Below you'll find more information about the project such as; a brief synopsis and what is needed to make progress in the production.


We are a group of creators in all kinds of different fields. When this concept popped up, the creative minds of certain people started buzzing. The more we talked about it the more people joined in from all different angles, and after a lot of meetings to see if they could understand the direction of the project, a perfect crew started to emerge. And now, after ten months of recruiting, planning and meeting, we are ready to execute this awesome but challenging project.


Four unique masked figures, one journey and a tailor-made track accompanied by stunning shots.

In a far future, four masked figures are carrying a large mysterious crate, they travel through a modern, but fallen world. Who are these “men”? Where are they heading? These questions will slowly be answered to the audience while the figures approach their destination. But is there even a destination? By working with suggestion and answer, we slowly but surely reveal information about the figures and their world, we make the audience think throughout the film and find out the whole story.


As of writing this, the pre-production is well on its way. Roles have been assigned and a full crew and cast are ready to shoot in late winter. By searching in our close network we've found everyone being kind enough to volunteer for this project. Furthermore, the production team has based the budget to keep it as cost-efficient as possible.

However, there are some unavoidable costs. As the entire production takes place at night in late winter, we have to keep the entire crew warm and productive. So this means proper gear, transportation, blankets, hot food and keeping in mind that the weather won't always be on our side, and this in a Dutch nature reserve.



This project was created because we think the traditional way of a music video can be so much more than just a track with some cool images over it. We want to make a music video which tells a compelling story. All of the elements in the music are depicted in the video and the other way around. In this way, it will be a music video / short film that isn’t created for the music or the video but a complete package. In which an intriguing story will be told.


Quote that inspired the maker

In contradiction and paradox, you can find truth.
Denis Villeneuve
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