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An Experimental film by Frank de Ruiter
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LOCKLINEA naive young man seeks for excitement in his life. But needs to realize mere presence does not equal experience.




The life of DANIEL has been interesting to say the least. It can be said that nothing ever interesting or exciting ever happened to him so far in his life.
However comes a point where every person yearns for excitement. That is why Daniel decides to venture out in the world. Looking for the excitement that has eluded him so far in his short life.

But Daniel has not realized that mere presence equals experience. So he just stands and waits. Again and again he waits.


It doesn't matter where Daniel goes, he always waits. Daniel never takes any sort of action that would lead to a fulfilling event or experience.  

This is evident with the places he visits. Every Time the world moves besides him and leaves him waiting. The actions Daniel takes never correspond more that merely changing his location.


Daniel in the duration of his adventure in world grabs the courage to initiate contact with another human being he may would have encountered.
This leaves Daniel isolated from the world that is living around him. This isolation is ever present in his journey. Which could be seen as an experience on itself.





This film ill focus on creating a narrative structure without making use by any dialogue of actions by the main character.
Instead the main character will portray a series of non actions that in sequance to each other create a narrative. As to further experiment with using a indexical story telling technique in film. Where the accociation between objects in the specific locations will together give meaning to the scenen and film. 
The main character will thus function as the anchor point for the audiance. And so allows the audiance to view the world around him and so deduct the narrative. 



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This project was closed on 19-07-2015

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