48 Days Film Project 2015

48 Days Film Project 2015
A Feature film by Bart & Teuntje Schrijver, Keir Siewert, Sebastien Romero, Anouk Briefjes
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About the project
LOCKLINEA collective feature film made in only 48 days, shot in Amsterdam, London and Rotterdam.


3 teams of dedicated 48 Hour filmmaker take up their next challenge, this time it is to write and shoot a complete feature film in only 48 days.

Directors Anouk Briefjes, Bart and Teuntje Schrijver from Amsterdam, Keir Siewert, 48 Hour winner from London 2014 en Sebastien Romero from Rotterdam are set to do the impossible with their production team Alix Austin, Christian Dol and Elles van Velzen: create a feature film in only 48 days.

9th October we will draw some random elements from a hat, which will become the ingredients for the writing process. 48 Days later on the 27th Nov the film will premiere at the Eindhovens Film Festival.


With the limited time we have, we would like to dedicate all our creativity and resources to the creative process. But we do need some money, to rent cameras and get some sandwiches for the crew while they work 10 hour a day. That is where you come in.


We would like to share our passion for filmmaking with you. You can follow our 48 day adventure on social media, which is of course completely free :)

If you do choose to support us with 10 euro, we will reward your support with a full name mention in the credits. If you choose to spend more, say 100 euro, we will name one of the characters in the film after you. For companies we have special offers, check all the rewards on the right of the page.

With reading this you are already supporting us, if you also feel some loose euros in your pocket please feel free to send them in our direction.


Anouk, Bart, Teuntje, Keir, Alix, Sebastien, Elles, Christian and Richard

Quote that inspired the maker

Writing and shooting a feature film in only 48 days requires faith and friends who support us. You can be one of them. Support us to do the impossible.
Richard Schut, creative producer
This project was closed on 18-10-2015

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