30% of the crowdfunding target reached

It's a bit over a week into the crowdfunding campaign and we took off like a rocket! We couldn't be happier. But we're not there yet. Still 70% of the target to go and we're putting all our efforts into reaching that goal.

We can use all the help we can get, so if you can forward the crowdfunding link to your family, friends and business contacts, we'd be very grateful:

Remember, if you live in The Netherlands, Cinecrowd has ANBI-status so you get up to 150% fiscal deduction of your donation, whether you're a private person or a company. The details are on the Cinecrowd site, or ask and we'll let you know how it works.

Not only that, we have tempting rewards to offer you! 

And don't forget to like the facebook page of the film and to share it with your facebook friends:

The campaign lasts until end of June and if we hit the target of 8000,- Euros this will enable me, the director, and my camera operator to visit Kenya one more time to shoot the last footage we need in order to finish this film.

In the meantime, here is a link to a short clip shot in 2012 in Kenya in East-Tsavo, illustrating the massive infrastructure destruction caused by climate change and the engineering solutions Peter Westerveld was planning to deal with the changing climate conditions:

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