denk maar aan iets blauws

think of something blue
A Short film by Jerry de Mars
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LOCKLINEA short artistic film based on the poem, 'think of something blue'.

Adopt a second of 'think of something blue'!

think of something blue, of a swimming pool flanked by relexing women in blue suits drinking blue cocktails through blue straws and reading books with a blue cover and sometimes they look up to the sky to satisfy themselves of the firmament still is bright and tight, if there isn't a tiny cloud floating around, and no, the air is crisp, heavenly blue,

and the women place their books on their legs, with the blue cover up, view their blue painted nails, take a slug with the blue straw of their blue cocktails, raise the book from their legs and resume reading

while sisters are swimming, silently, light and smooth through the fresh water, you hear them breathe, or the water whirling, sliding wrinkles over wrinkles and other than the color of their bodies everything is blue, think of something blue, the sportscar of sugardaddy Sander, loaded, quick, colorblind, being in assumption that he drives a green Triumph Spitfire, let him fancy and  think of the shiny blue varnish and royal blue leather gloves of his wife, sunglasses with the blue frame and the blue smoke from her cigarette, elegantly how she smokes, the fierce young and tight-skinned squiggly knockout, sometimes calm, extremely restrained, maternal, adult, the silk scarf around the head, with stiff force knotted under the chin,

smoke, drink vermouth bianco and look out of the sun-drenched villa with cobalt painted walls and windowsills, the flat beaten tower on the rocks, the becomecalm, smooth, summer blue sea and rise up, let warm water flow over the wrists, breathe quietly , put a cold teaspoon on the tongue,

think of something blue; balloons, big dreamy eyes, weddings, castles made of air


While reading the poem 'think of something blue' one is immediately visually triggered. Enough reason for Jerry, to ask Martijn to make a short artistic film out of this poem. 

While they sat at the kitchen table discussing this idea, they came up with two rules during scripting; the poem is the only spoken text in the film and no changes could be made in the poem. 

The film and the poem are about giving comfort, the film is a small love story with blue as a comforting color!

The poem is an ode to the colour blue. It associates freely with blue images. 

The pace and rhythm of these images give a comforting character, as will the film. 

By combining different art forms as architecture, graphism, cinematography and choreography the aim is to add a new stimulating visual layer to the poem.

The characters of the poem will come to life and will interact in a circular story between reality and fantasy.

We are looking for timeless images, in all calm and sobriety though with a clear definition. 






To realize this film we have found a talented cast and crew. Though to be able to cover the costs of shooting days, transport and equipment rentals your support is very mucht needed. 

With a donation of €20,- you already adopt a second of film !

A very big thank you, 

The Cast & Crew,
Martijn en Jerry



Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

'think of something blue; balloons, big dreamy eyes, weddings, castles in the air'
Martijn den Ouden