The Death of Darkness

The Death of Darkness
A Documentary by Jasmijn Schrofer
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LOCKLINEThe possession of light has not only made society more productive and more powerful, but it has also made people more vulnerable and dependent on it.

After seeing my first fire fly, I have spent months immersing myself in the meaning and history of light and darkness. With Fire, Homo Sapiens has gained more control over nature. We learned to control the darkness and obtained the power to change our environment. 

Darkness has dictated our sleep and wake cycles throughout hundreds and thousands of years. Since we started using electricity and light bulbs in our households, we sleep on average one and a half hours less per night.  As diurnal animals, we tend to stay active when there is light, but in order to survive, a good night's sleep is essential.

When one sees satellite images of the earth at night, it is clear how people are spread throughout the globe. The light intensity during the night is also used to measure economic development of different countries. 

This underlines how mankind has become alienated from the natural rhythm and why the importance of darkness has fallen into oblivion.

The Death of Darkness becomes a cinematic narrative in which sympathy is aroused for darkness. Darkness is no longer a symbol for evil, but for nature as an endangered environment.

The Death of Darkness is already supported by the Netherlands Film Fund with € 40.000,-. The Wildcard was awarded to me for my graduation film Tarikat. In order for this film to be a success an additional c 12,000.- is needed. This money will be used to cover the costs of a high end camera and for image and sound post production. If you help me raise 7000,- the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts will donate the remaining € 5,000.-.

Quote that inspired the maker

The illumination of a city was once a rare event, reserved for victories and national holidays, for the canonization of saints and crowning of kings. Now it occurs nightly and celebrates the virtues of gin, cigarettes and toothpaste.’
Aldous Huxley