De Uitnodiging

The Invitation
A Short film by Ayten Karatas
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LOCKLINEA dinner party where the guests bite back.

We all say that we want to stay true to ourself and that we don't care about what others think. We don't want to admit it, but deep down inside, we all just want to fit in. How far would ypu go to fit in? One would follow every trend and diet, while others would go as far as to plan their college, work and life choices with all that is 'in'. The lengths we go to fit in change, but it's clear that we influence each others lives. Why is it so important that we 'fit in'?

We want to challenge our adience to ask questions like, 'who am I and where do I stand for?' and 'how far would I go to stay true to myself?'

THE INVITATION, is a mystery with a black-comedy and horror edge. We are starting it off with the structure of a mystery. Our movie begins with a restless Delilah, smoking and standing in front of a large house. She doesn´t want to ring the doorbell. She´s pacing and glancing at the door, which will make our audience wonder what´s going on. ´Where is she?´ ´Who´s in the house?´ 
From that moment on, the audience will sympathize with Delilah. 

Delilah has been invitated to a dinner by her old friends, Matthias and Julia. Delilah is soon to find out this has not just been a casual dinner invitation. Matthias and Julia want Delilah to adopt their way of life. They want her to live a long, healthy and happy life. Delilah finds their way of living too extreme. It´s not what she wants, but it will not be as aeasy as a yes or a no. Delilah is about to find out the meaning of ´fighting for YOUR life.´  

We have a very enthusiastic and talented cast and crew, who are ready to make this movie with us, but we still need your help!

Why are we asking for your help? Because we believe that everyone will recognize themselves in our story. Cause who doesn't recognize feeling pressured? Do you want to fitin or do you want to stay true to yourself? There is only one of you, but one is a lonely number.

You will be receiving great rewards for your donation.Think, posters, dvd's, visit us on set and get tickets for the premiere! Everyone who donates will also be getting a 'Thanxx' on our Facebook page. Donations start at only, ten Euro's, so what are you waiting for? Help us make a movie!

Sounds great, doesn't it? Still not convinced? Well, let me tell you what this mystreious movie is all about;

THE INVITATION, is a Dutch (no worries, there will be subtitles), short, horror movie with a wink to old, black and white horror movies. We will be seeing, hearing and feeling everything through our main character, the beautiful, Delilah. She has been invited to a dinner by some old acquaintances and after some inner deliberations, her curiosity gets the best of her and she decides to go. 
She soon finds out that the dinner has been nothing more than a smoke screen to get her there and her night will not be as quiet as she thought it would be.


Our movie is set in present time (2017) and this will be visible in the cool/chique outfits of our characters and the interior design. We will be shooting in Dutch and in Eindhoven, but, The Invitation, is a movie for the whole world to see. 

There has been loads of positive feedback and interest from across the boarders, and we believe that, The Invitation, has great potential for the international filmmarket. We intent to send, The Invitation, to internatiol filmfestivals, like Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes and FrightFest, where we will reach an international market with our own project from Brabant. 
This will not be all of it, of course!
We will be taking our first steps right here on our own grounds. Our own festivals, like EFF (Eindhovens Film Festival) and NFF (Nederlandse Film Festival) will be receiving first chances in snatching their 'invitation'.
Cause it doesn't matter if you're from Eindhoven, Amsterdam, London or Paris, everyone will recognize themselve in, The Invitation.

What are you waiting for? Demand your invitation! Help us in making this movie and get a great reward in return.


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het bkkc. 

Quote that inspired the maker

The Invitation is about how far you are willing to go, to remain true to yourself. Will you still fight for your choices, even when the world tells you they are wrong?
Ayten Karatas (regisseur)
This project was successfully funded on 05-08-2017

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