De Thuiskomst

The Homecoming
A Short film by Philippe van der Loo
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About the project
LOCKLINEThe early years of the 12th century, A woman, alone with her child in a desolate wasteland awaits for the return of her husband from the crusades.

The Homecoming is the graduation short film by Philippe van der Loo at the Sint-Lukas film school in Brussels. The film is set in early twelfth century at the time of the first Crusades. A woman waits at a desolate place alone with her child on the return of her husband from the armed pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but when he returns, they are estranged. She faces her faith and to make a choice in order to save her family. The story touches contemporary themes such as religious fanaticism and PTSD. The film is told in a very fresh and naturalistic style. Everything is told from the woman's perspective, her perception is key.

For the theme of the film I was inspired by reading the book "The Homecoming" by Anna Enquist. This book is about the wife of the famous English explorer James Cook. The loneliness and the tragic aspect of the story touched me very much. The irreversible alienation was an important theme in the book which really inspired me when creating the scenario.

The setting is a very important aspect of the film. The story is set in the wasteland of the French countryside. The hostility of nature and solitude that radiates from this landscape are important elements. For the location of the farm we took days of driving through the Ardennes to finally find a cottage in Anloy, Luxembourg. Here we take on all the exterior shots. The interior, we film in an open air museum in Eindhoven.

To give the film authenticity as much as possible, we've made the props and set pieces as much as possible by ourselves. Thus we can in this process the concept and story of the film so that it fits perfectly with the story.

It is a real Flemish-Dutch production, with both Flemish and Dutch actors and crew members. The film will be shot in both Belgium and the Netherlands. This combination of nationalities makes this project extra special.

To be able to tell the aspect of waiting visually we shoot several periods during the year. We have just completed the first shooting period in the fall. Next we have the winter shooting in January and spring in May.

Currently we are preparing for the January shoot. To be able to finish filming all seasons, we need your help! Donate and help us to finish this project.

Donate and get very nice rewards! Illustrations, actual props or a site visit to one of the sets!

The Homecoming Team.

Quote that inspired the maker

It has to get dirty and raw, you need to feel the elements. This is what i see too few in most films lately. Most films look too clean like they're commercials.
Philippe van der Loo