De Lichtwachter

The Lightguard
A Short film by Bob Demper
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LOCKLINEAlone in his lookout lighthouse keeper Chien Baak oversees the vast sea. High above shore, space and time slowly become more liquid values...



 The Lightguard is a short, surrealistic film by Bob Demper

The last days and the first footage:

ABOUT THE FILMAlone in his lookout, lighthouse keeper Chien Baak oversees the shore of a small coastal village. One grey afternoon an unknown ship looms up, which seems to be a harbinger of doom. The nights following ship more questions than answers.One thing is for sure: the sea awaits…  

A lighthouse is a fascinating location. A symbol for a safe harbour, but meanwhile impregnated by myth and mystery. Unfortunately the lighthouse keepers often remain underexposed.Day in day out, they guarded the vast sea illuminated by a glaring beam of light. High above shore, place and time can turn in to more liquid values. It creates room to dream and room to forget.

The Lightguard will be a richly structured unity in which picture, music, design and drama form an unique synergy: a whole that is greater than the sum of it parts. 

DRIVEAbout a year ago I got struck by the beauty of the lighthouse in Scheveningen. Even though this not being my first time meeting the tower, it spoke out this particular day. The bright flickering sunlight on the curved glass almost seemed to tell me something like 'film me!'. I caught up with Cor Vooys, the last employer of the lighthouse: "You learn to follow the paths ships take. You know exactly when a ship will enter the harbour or will disappear on the horizon like a tiny dot." Although such a solitary lookout makes a man vulnerable, overseeing the uncontrollable sea must give a great sense of power. This essential contradiction offers a great outline for a story about trying to forget the past and being forgotten about yourself.

The Lightguard is an ode to those guarding.

- Bob DemperPRODUCTIONAlong with a very enthusiastic crew we wrapped for the first 5 shooting days. Our last shooting day is planned at the end of august. Meanwhile a cafe is fully built in a studio in The Hague, meaning all support is kindly appreciated!






 © 2013 Bob Demper

Quote that inspired the maker

"Ah, children, pity level-crossing keepers, pity lock-keepers - pity lighthouse keepers - pity all the keepers of this world, caught between their consience and the bleak horizon."
Graham Swift, Waterland
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