De Blauwe Maagd

The Blue Virgin
A Short film by Tim Klok
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LOCKLINEA spectacular short black comedy that shows nobody is neutral on the battlefield.


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THE BLUE VIRGIN is a thrilling short film with black comedy elements. The film shows in an imaginative way what happens when big-city people unexpectedly wind up in a war situation.

THE BLUE VIRGIN is being made by a professional, dedicated crew and will be shown internationally at a wide variety of renowned film festivals like Cannes and Toronto. We think you will really enjoy the film. But to be able to make THE BLUE VIRGIN, we need a little bit of money. That’s why we need your help.

Your donation will enable us to make a really cool short film for you. You can donate any amount from 10 euro upward. In exchange for your donation, you will receive an attractive reward, such as premiere tickets, the film poster or even a catered trip to the set in the south of France! We also have sponsorship packages that come with tax benefits.


THE BLUE VIRGIN is a short drama with black comedy elements about Thomas, an extremely wealthy real estate broker. When his beautiful wife is kidnapped on a holiday in the south of France, he tries to buy her back with his fortune. But this causes him to get entangled in a centuries-old feud, that is being fought in true medieval fashion: until death.

The story is situated in the sixties, which will be expressed in the locations and clothing of the characters. The short film (12-15 minutes) will maintain high technical standards, will be multilingual (Dutch, French, and English) and will reach an international audience.


We will film THE BLUE VIRGIN in the existing French village of Montbrun-les-Bains. We have already established crucial relationships with key people in the local community and municipality. We have gained permission from the Mayor to film in the old village and even on the top of the nearby Mont Ventoux.

On top of this, the inhabitants themselves are also very enthusiastic to take part in realizing THE BLUE VIRGIN. Local restaurants, hotels, the local theatre company, and the supermarket, all are willing to help the production out by providing catering, extras, sleeping arrangements for cast and crew, and the use of historic locations. That means the budget we need to make THE BLUE VIRGIN is a lot less than usual for a production of this size, without having to compromise the quality of the film.

International distribution

Because THE BLUE VIRGIN crosses national borders in several ways, we also see international potential for the distribution of the film. The universal aspects of the story will appeal to a wide audience. Through international film festivals and with the help of the Dutch film institute we will present THE BLUE VIRGIN and the village of Montbrun-les-Bains to audiences the world over.

So please support THE BLUE VIRGIN, enable us to make a great short film, and receive a cool reward in return. Many thanks in advance!

Quote that inspired the maker

"Nobody is neutral on the battlefield."
Tim Klok
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