A Day In Lucerne

A Day In Lucerne
An Experimental film by Timothy Ross
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINE'A Day In Lucerne' is a hyperlapse film about the beautiful city and surroundings of Lucerne, endorsed by Lucerne Tourism and the city council.


Be a part of a day trip troughout Lucerne. After arriving at the train station of Lucerne, you are going to visit the Chapel Bridge, the old city wall and its towers, the beautiful historic city, as well as enjoying the stunning view from mount Pilatus with its world steepest coghweel railway.


For a first impression, please have a look at the screenshots shown above. Those were taken directly from the first version of the film.

Why does the project need financial help?

Although a lot of freelancers, agencies, studios etc. are supporting the project as good-will, there are still big expenses to cover, such as for the rental of equipment, but also for the initial purchase of a new camera & gimbal that was needed.
A part of the fundraised money will be dedicated to purchase gifts for all the sponsors, partners and the crew to show appreciation for their support.

For more information on the equipment used during the shoot, head over this PDF on Dropbox.


As an upcoming film maker I have very high expectations of the quality of the film. Therefore a lot of professional equipment was used to get the best out of the shots, such as several softboxes to have the perfect light and atmosphere, a motion control system etc. The aim was to have an outstanding final film for my portfolio, which is going to be used to apply for internships and the film school.

On the other hand, a lot of companies, such as 'The Cover Media Productions', support this project. I feel that it's my obligation to deliver the maximum quality that's possible.

The first version of the film got rewarded with the highest mark in school.


The expected exposure of this film is pretty big, since it's endorsed by Lucerne Tourism and the city council of Lucerne, as well as supported by more than 15 partners and sponsors, who distribute the project all over their social media channels. The film also gains exposure by having a custom website, promoting the film. Head over to www.lucerne.film for a closer look.

It is also planned to show the film in few movie theaters in Switzerland.


The benchmark project for 'A Day In Lucerne' was done by Rob Whitworth, a great photo- and videographer from the UK. His impressing hyperlapse movie 'Dubai Flow Motion' is just stunning and such an exciting technique, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a similar type of film about the beautiful swiss city Lucerne.


The project was initially started as a matriculation project at my school - Some kind of highschool in Switzerland. But, and that's a lot more important than the mark in school, it's a project for my future. It's an important part of my way into the film carreer; To have an impressive portfolio when applying for the film school.

I am persuing my dream to study at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, California.

About me

Timothy Ross is a 19 year old swiss student, aiming to study at an international film school. He has already founded two companies of his own, is in the management of two more and been working with companies and teams across the globe and therefore speaks fluently English and German.

Timothy Ross is currently based in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is passionately working on several freelance & personal projects and managed to gather a lot of experience unusal for the age of 19 years.

Head over to my personal website for more information.

Follow a Day in Lucerne

Follow the motion timelapse film on its website and on Facebook for updates and behind the scenes. A big shoutout to the FaktorVier agency for the amazing website and InstraCorporation for the domain.

Website: http://lucerne.film
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ADayInLucerne

All images © by Timothy Ross.

Quote that inspired the maker

When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'No, I went to films'.
Quentin Tarantino
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