Come To My Window

Come To My Window
Een Korte film van Juriaan Koeze
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LOCKLINEWhen a musician goes for a gloomy midnight walk, reflecting on his career and life, he stumbles upon a fascinating character who changes it all

Come to my window is a sweet short story about conflict, love, friendship, music and dreams in Amsterdam in the middle of the night. The city can be full of surprises and sometimes you don't know where the night is going to take you. We intend to make a beautiful short film where characters are authentic and fascinating, and the locations are beautiful and real.

We've put together a great team of film talents and wonderful actors and we are now looking for your help to finance our project. The money that will be raised with this campaign will be used to pay for the use of equipment (rentals), locations, post production and festivals.




Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power
Abraham Lincoln
This project was successfully funded on 01-07-2018

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