Climate Clips

Climate Clips
A Documentary by Mirjam Marks
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About the project
LOCKLINEAn interactive globe with Climate Clips: videos made by children in which they share their love for nature as well as their climate worries.
According to a Unicef survey, children worldwide worry the most about the climate and climate change as a result of the warming of the earth. Climate Clips are a way for children to express their love for and concerns about planet earth by zooming in on their environment.


Our goal is to place at least one Climate Clip from each country in the world on the digital globe, so that it contains climate stories from each corner of the world, presenting a diversity of people, habitats and climate issues. We hope to hand over a globe full of creative and urgent clips made by children to world leaders at the international climate top held in January 2021 in Rotterdam. 

When Greta Thunberg started to strike every Friday in 2018 by not going to school in order to draw attention to climate issues, children worldwide followed her example. There was a wave of strikes, climate marches and other actions in which more than one hundred thousand children participated. The term #FridaysForFuture was born and represents every action that drags attention to worries about our planet. Children all over the world are speaking up for their future. No one is too small to make a difference.


In 2019 director Mirjam Marks made the youth documentary JovannaForFuture about teenager Jovanna who strikes every Friday. To tell more than one story, Mirjam asked children from different continents to share their worries about the climate in short clips based on the same assignments. This resulted in many amazingly, surprising and diverse climate videos. The first 33 clips from 18 different countries are available on NPO Start and Instagram

In these clips, children between 9 and 15 years old share their vision, opinion and thoughts about climate change and their environment. They show us what they love about the nature that surrounds them by filming their favorite place(s). They also tell us what worries them by filming places where they observe environmental problems and its consequences, for example because of pollution, depletion or waste. Children not only show what goes wrong in the place they live, but also present ways to improve the situation. 

The children's videos will be edited to approximately one minute and, together with the recognizable Climate Clip design, will be shared with the world on an online, interactive globe. Spin the globe to find out what's going on on the other side of the world. Climate Clips let other children and adults see and hear what the consequences of climate change are and how the presence of human beings affects their living place. Each Climate Clip lets you dive into a different world in a very personal way and makes a problem that seemed far away feel close. 


Each Climate Clip will be linked to the location it was filmed at, on the online globe. Use your mouse to spin the globe and click on a country to watch the connected Climate Clip or search thematically. In that way, everyone can map out their own, unique route. The colors will be cheerful and the interface will be easy to use so that even young children will be able to experience it properly. On the Climate Clips website we will also encourage children to contribute to the globe and make their own Climate Clip. They can easily download the instructions to get started right away. The Climate Clips will be subtitled in English and there will be options to experience the website in different languages as well.

Motivation Mirjam Marks

For me, after making the film JovannaForFuture, the subject 'children and the climate' was far from finished. In fact, the Climate Clips, the many and diverse voices of children worldwide, the wide range of issues that were raised, all together, made it clear to me that climate change and the concerns about how we deal with our planet is an urgent part of life for all children.

The way children worldwide are challenged to think about the climate and the future, appeals to them; not pedantic, but in a contemporary, cool and optimistic way, without diminishing the seriousness of the situation.

Both the climate theme and the proactive role of children in this project are in line with my vision of making youth documentaries; showing children in full power, offering them a stage and thus highlighting a topical subject.


We are eagerly collecting clips around the world and putting all our effort, love and passion into this project. But we are running short on the budget and therefore we need your help to be able to share the Climate Clips with the world! Please follow us on Instagram, share this project and donate whatever you can afford. Every euro counts and will bring us closer to releasing Climate Clips into the world!

Dit project is (mede) mogelijk gemaakt door het AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).

Quote that inspired the maker

We are striking because we have done our homework, and they have not.
Greta Thunberg