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About the project
LOCKLINEA short animation about undertakers who are dying to survive.

English viewers: please turn on the subtitles with the icon marked 'CC'.

A funny story about the eternal conflict between good and evil, with some sweetness thrown in... CAKE is based on the multiply nominated theater production 'Geestig' ('Spooky'). This project is a collaboration between varied companies from the province of Brabant, Holland.

To create CAKE, handmade elements will be combined with digital imagery, resulting in a special kind of mixed media movie. Are you ready to take a bite of a spectacular piece of ….?


The story

Undertakers Marnix and Morena are the sly owners of funeral home Noorderveld. When finances go 6 feet under, they're forced to fire one of their olderst employees. By doing this, they unknowingly awake an old vicious spirit, which will do anything to take revenge. Death pays for all debts…

CAKE is an exciting story about the living, the dead, friendship, sacrifice and … pastries.

The makers

CAKE is a collaboration between producer Cherry Berry, animation studio Trik-Trak and composer Thijs van Gurp. Creator Wouter Joosen (Cherry Berry) co-founded a successful B2B video-production company, which acquired international clients and projects in just a few years. Recently, he started Cherry Berry, to produce fiction works, more aimed at telling stories. He is also currently active in the theater world as a writer and actor. With knowledge and experience in his backpocket, Wouter is chasing his dreams thanks to his own initiative. His dream; telling stories that astound the imagination!


The production

CAKE is based on the successful show 'Geestig' ('Spooky'). This musical theatre production was nominated for 6 awards in the National Amateur Musical Awards. The movie will be accessible to an international audience - young and old. The comical, dark story will be told using several filming techniques. The viewer will be amazed by the magical craftsmanship. Every detail; the script, the setting, the characters, the music and the animation are made by hand. The laws of physics are irrelevant in stop-motion, as the are in all animation forms. While this presents a challenge, it's the perfect way to tell a story this fantastiscal; it gives you the freedom to create whataver you like! No holds barred...

The sky is the limit.   


The last nine months, preparations have been made for the pre-productions. The CAKE-crew is excited to start and we can only get going with YOUR help! We need a budget to cover our pre-production costs. We will start making the first proof of concept, so that the design, characters, audio and ambience will come to life. This is the beginning of the production of CAKE. The first step on the way to film festivals, distributors, local broadcasters and movie theatres!  



Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

A dead man never asks how to die. A mortal asks how to live everyday.
Govert Schellingvoort
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