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LOCKLINEBrothers Ivo (16) and Tom (18) have a close bond. Ivo notices that Tom however is starting to behave from weird to stranger.
BROTHER is a short film (drama, fiction) on the impact of a psychosis on the family.


Brothers Ivo (16) and Tom (18) have a close bond. Ivo notices that Tom however is starting to behave from weird to stranger. The big brother that he’d always looked up to is about to lose everything. He is doing everything to keep Tom close in convincing the psychiatry that his brother is not crazy. When Tom gets dangerous to himself and his surroundings, Ivo confronts a difficult choice. Is he getting his older brother back?


My name is Lisanne and I am the director of this movie. The idea emerged from my youth. What must one do when a loved one is camping with psychological anguish?

I want people who have had a similar situation to know they are not alone. And of the people that don’t know mental ill ones I hope they will gain greater understanding for them. Nonetheless certainly for brothers, sisters, parents, friends, partners and caretakers.

During my research process I discovered that many people who’ve been in psychosis themselves or experienced one from close by are anxious to tell about the event(s). It seems to be since people don’t know lots about it. With ‘psychosis’ or ‘schizophrenia’ usually ‘strange, ‘scary’, and ‘unreliable’ comes to mind and does not by and of itself diminish the much surrounding stigma surrounding psychosis and mental problems.


BROTHER will be a short film of about 15 minutes. The film will be sent to international film festivals.

We are working around the clock to arrange everything for any filming. Everyone who volunteers to the movie does this for the ‘greater good’. But creating a good movie is still costly; so we hope that we will raise this with your help. It will be spent primarily on devices, transport and other practical affairs that are involved in making a film.


Look on to the right at the rewards how you can make this happen. Will you help break the stigma? You’ll also receive “something cool” in return! ☺


In case you have questions and/or comments, mail us!

The realization of our crowdfundingproject is partly ventured by subsidies from the impulse grants of the Province of North-Brabant and thankfully established through the advice which was provided by Kunstloc Brabant.


De motivatie van Kunstloc Brabant bij dit project: Broer de film is het regiedebuut van de Brabantse actrice Lisanne Sweere. Daarnaast start zij samen met een collega een nieuw filmproductiebedrijf in Eindhoven. De makers werken samen met diverse partners uit de regio zoals Bioscoop Natlab, Filmplatform BROET en de Film Commission Eindhoven. Lisanne hoopt met de film het stigma rondom psychose en geestelijke problemen te verminderen, Kunstloc Brabant steunt deze boodschap en haar ontwikkeling als filmmaker van harte!

Quote that inspired the maker

To what level can you save someone in mental nuisance with love?
This project was successfully funded on 25-03-2020

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