Bigger than Football

Bigger Than Football
A Documentary by Hans Vervoort en Babur Beg
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LOCKLINEA football rivalry that goes beyond the game. A city's clash of left vs rightwing extremes. Welcome to hell! This is bigger than football.


All over the world you can find footballclubs with special rivalries. Most of the time, this is caused by nothing more than narcistic navel-gazing by supporters. The "us-against-them" mind-set that feeds people's temeperaments derives from a gut feeling. But in reality, clubs and their supporters have more similarities than differences.

Love-hate releationships run much deeper when they arise from politival battles, ethnic diversity or imbalanced social relationships. Fanatics' identities are often determined by social conflicts. These rivalries are manifestations of the phenomenon "Footballculture"

Because of our love for the game and fascination for this culture we have decided to analyse and document special and unconventional football rivalries in the series "Bigger Than Football". 

Quote that inspired the maker

Verliezen of winnen, het maakt ons niet uit. Als we maar spelen. Dat is onze buit.
Eduardo Galeano (Glorie en Tragiek van het Voetbal, Van Gennep, 1996)
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