A Short film by Stan van den Boogaart, Wouter van der Avoird en Xippe Hendrikx
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About the project
LOCKLINEShort film about the gray area between the abstract concepts the good and the bad, and how heroes can also lose drastically.

The story

The story is set in the Netherlands, where a civil war takes place in response to the actions of Azewalt. The story is shown from two special and unexpected main characters. 

Our film is a short film about how we often think that a lot of things are black and white, while this isn’t the case. Everything we do ourselves we find logical and often the good thing to do. but if for example a man in front of you cuts you of aggressively on the highway, you will often think he’s a dick. But if you know he was hurrying to the hospital with his wife going into labour, you would understand why he did that. This is just a small example but it does show how abstract the terms “good” and “bad” are. This reality is something you hardly see in other movies. 

The film also shows that the hero can also lose incredibly bad and that even the most horrible people have been good sometime in their lives. To give our characters and story a lot of depth is one of our top priorities and in this movie it’s clearly visible that we have been busy with that. If you watch the movie, you will be challenged to try and solve this enormous puzzle. 

We will not give any more descriptive information about the story, because that will spoil the film to much and spoil the element of surprise when you get to see the movie.

About us

We are Xippe, Stan and Wouter, three guys who are in the last year of the Dutch equivalent of high school. For our “profielwerkstuk” we’ll be making a professional short film. The “profielwerkstuk” is a big project at the end of highschool, on which we have to spend at least several hundreds of hours. For the last few years we have been creating all sorts of video’s, and learned a lot about editing, which now are some of our favourite things to do. Over the past couple of years we have done lots of different projects and learned quite a lot. We have always been doing this with the greatest pleasure and dedication. We are now at the start of our last year of (Dutch) high school and our final project is getting closer and closer. When we found out that we could make a short film, we of course were immediately sold. Within the idea of “end it with a bang” we decided to give it everything we got and show everyone what we can do with film on a professional level.

Our goal

As we mentioned earlier, we have been busy with this project for quite some time already. We wanted to handle it as good as possible, but at his moment we are realizing we have a problem with our budget. As the three full-time students we are we don’t have direct access to capital or professional gear. Our school also doesn’t have these facilities and isn’t willing to give us any support. We have quite some experience with how big the negative impact of low-quality gear is on the result and we want to prevent this at all costs. Because we want to keep our target amount as low as possible we will make sure that all the money of the crowdfunding will directly go to the film. This means that money spent on things like transport and catering will be paid of our own money. Also, there won’t go any money to the post-production - this will fully be done by ourselves and with that unpaid. After all our goals is not to make anything from this film, but only to get the best result that’s possible. 

What can you do for us?

Through this crowdfunding page it’s possible to donate different amount of money to us. Every single euro will help us a lot, and for that reason we have a suitable reward for every donation, so that you won’t be left with nothing. We would love it if you would help us to realise this and you will always have a spot in our hearts for making our dream possible. 

By the way, we think it’s really important that all the donated money is really well spent. All the donations will go directly to the film. 

Quote that inspired the maker

A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order.
Jean-Luc Godard
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