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LOCKLINEA thirty minute short film set in an apocalyptic world inspired by Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. Currently in Post Production.


What began as a graduation project, has grown into a filmproduction that involves several professionals. In 2011 a small crew of Dutch filmmakers - under supervision of director Ids Aalbers and producer Rob Feringa - from the NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden traveled to the city of Charleroi in Belgium. In a short period they shot their post-apocalyptic short film, twice.



Daniel, a soldier, finds himself in an abandoned and overgrown city. Without any memory of what happend he starts looking for his team, one of them who is very dear to him.

After finding a clue he meets a lonely soul, a man who claims to live by the word of God. The man, introducing himself as Virgil, tells Daniel he might know more about what happened to his teammates as they draw closer to Daniel's predetermined fate.

The script was written in three days. However, we changed and polished the plots for months, even during shooting. We tried to create a thrilling story with a deep, philosophical background inspired mainly by Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy - a 14th century poem of which "Inferno" is most widely known - and Goethe's "Faust". However, we used it in a modern post-apocalyptic setting, a world where nothing is what it seems.

Project Summary

Project summary

Now that we finished our shoot, we involved industry professionals who agreed to help us out with the completion of this film. We got one matchmoving and compositing artist on board who helped us put together the teaser-trailer (see the video above) and several matte-painters and 3D artists are now preparing to work with us.

Now we need you!
Everything in this teaser-trailer was made entirely without any funding from third parties, but the film itself still needs a lot of attention and work! Most of that work is already being taken care of by the director, like the edit, music and sound design. However, in order to get the whole film done by this year, we need some extra help. Especially after the theft of the material of our first shoot, we had to double our budget. Now that we are in post-production, we sadly ran out of funds. In order to finish it, we decided to set up this crowdfunding page. A part will be used for promotion, DVD production and the distribution.
We aim to get the film to show on multiple major international film festivals and on TV. In order to do this we need a big fanbase, but most of all a film that exceeds the expectations. This is also why we decided to do our project completely in english, so we can appeal to a broader (international) audience.
To increase our chances of a bigger fanbase, we recently decided to release parts of the film in episodic content on the web (a.k.a. webisodes). This way, we can show small parts of the movie early and - hopefully - create a little stir on the web. But the complete film will only be available to donators!
Finally, we want this movie to be an inspiration to other filmmakers, because they were an inspiration to us! The director wants to share his experience through tutorials, available for everyone who donates. These tutorials will adress cinematography as well as film music.
Other Ways You Can Help
Other ways you can help
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