An Experimental film by Caspar Naaijkens
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LOCKLINEWhen an NPC takes the soul of a person, the strength of that soul is stronger than expected and takes over the NPC.

Anamnesis is an experimental sci-fi fashion film visualising the defeat of depression and taking back control of your emotions and life.


In a world where souls are scanty due to overpopulation lives a NPC (non player character).
In search for the perfect soul the NPC collects humans with a soul, captivates them to later
divert them from the soul to consume it. The last victim takes its toll and overwhelms the
NPC with emotions and memories. These are so intense that the wold of the NPC and the
victim is nearly undistinguishable.


The story was born from a feeling. Quite funny actually, because feeling in general is
something I hadn’t done for a while. Due to a heavy depression my feelings were put on
mute. My emotions and feelings were paralysed. There were days that I’d lay in bed locking
myself away from the world. I watched a lot of videos on the internet and through those
people in the videos I pretended to live my life. If I’d go out I would make sure I looked
extravagantly well, hair combed straight to the back, wearing clothes that would be in
fashion the next season. My shield was to pretend that everything was fine so nobody would
ask me any questions.
Because I am slowly climbing the road of overcoming my depression with my own strengths I
am often overwhelmed with emotions which often results into severe anxiety. Besides these
horrible panic attacks there’s also a massive part of my youth and past that is coped with in
a small period of time. It sometimes feels like I am experiencing my entire life again.
Anamnesis is a visualisation of the phase of existence I am finding myself in right now. A
phenomenon I had never heard of before; What happens when you overcome a depression?
This film functions as a visualisation of my process of recovery, a visualisation of the battle
between myself and my depression.


Anamnesis is a film where Science fiction, fashion and depression cross paths. An abstract
story-telling about fighting against- but also the acceptance of Depression.
Your support
Can you relate to the feeling of depression yourself? Has it come to your attention that
there’s a lack of understanding and conversation about Depression? Than THIS is your
chance to speak up and to help us realise this 6-minute film.

Dit project wordt ondersteund door Kunstloc Brabant 

De motivatie van Kunstloc Brabant bij dit project:
De afstudeerfilm van Caspar Naaijkens (AKV|St.Joost) – een experimentele scify fashion film over
het verslaan van een depressie – wordt zijn visitekaartje naar de professionele (Brabantse)
filmsector. De inzet van crowdfunding draagt bovendien bij aan zijn ontwikkeling op het gebied van
cultureel ondernemerschap. Kunstloc Brabant ondersteunt de jonge filmmaker van harte!


Quote that inspired the maker

“Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”
John Keats, Letters of John Keates
This project was successfully funded on 23-02-2019