Als Skiën dansen wordt

As Skiing becomes dancing
A Short film by Carel van Goch
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LOCKLINETerminally ill Eva wants to prove that she can still ski even though she's become fragile, to do so she has to overcome her fear for what's coming.


‘As Skiing becomes dancing’ is based on a true story, written by my mother Helma van Goch. Just like Eva, she’s battled lung cancer and had to deal with the knowledge that she could not recover. She’s written a lot during her period of illness, this story about her last real skiing trip to Fiss included. The idea for the film came to be because of the compelling and beautiful way in which she knew how to describe dealing with her disease and, despite all, the happiness that she found.


EVA (28) loves the fresh air, the mountains, the snow, but above all she loves skiing. Her world falls apart when she learns that she has stage four lung cancer. Nevertheless she decides not to cancel the planned skiing trip with her husband. Together they travel to Fiss, Austria. On the road they talk about previous journeys to Fiss and how they found happiness there. They also talk about her disease and the uncertain future that lies ahead. In Austria Eva wants to prove that she can still ski, despite her disease. To do so she has to overcome her fear of what’s coming and the uncertainty of what she can or cannot do with her fragile bones.


I am making this film out of admiration for the way my mother has dealt with her disease. She’s shown enormous amounts of courage and will during her period of illness, and always remained strong and positive.

Dealing with an incurable disease is very hard for both the patient and their loved ones. This is one of the main subjects in this film. With this film, I’d like to make this subject more accessible and open for conversation to a large audience.


To be able to film ‘As Skiing becomes dancing’ we need your help! With your contribution it becomes possible to raise awareness for cancer as a decease and the daily struggle that the patients, friends and family undergo in dealing with the decease. With your contribution you can hearten all these people and it will show others what they are going through. Support this project and contribute with your donation to make this story about courage, will and hope possible.


‘As Skiing becomes dancing’ has already received support from several organizations. In Fiss we’ve received permission to shoot on the slopes with the corporation of the Fisser Bergbahnen who will sponsor us a part of the ski passes. Next to that we’ve received a sponsorship for the accommodation during the shoot by the very hospitable owners of haus Peter-Paul in Fiss. They’ve made two of their beautiful apartments available for us to stay during the shoot.

But we’re not there yet. To realise this project there are several other expenses, such as the journey to Austria with cast and crew, the rental of equipment and catering for cast and crew. With your contribution we can cover these expenses and make this project possible. We could really use your help!

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Lung cancer Netherlands

Patients organization Lung cancer Netherlands is committed to patients with lung cancer and anyone close to them. They strive for the best lung cancer care. With the film ‘As Skiing becomes dancing’ we want to raise attention for the disease lung cancer and the daily struggle that patients, friends and family undergo in dealing with the disease. That’s why Lung cancer Netherlands supports ‘As Skiing becomes dancing’.

Motivation by Lung cancer Netherlands: “Lung cancer Netherlands supports the film ‘As Skiing becomes dancing’. It’s not only about someone who has lung cancer but also about dealing with the disease. What it means for both patients as close ones. We like to raise awareness for this project through our website and social media.”

Kunstloc Brabant

We're also receiving support from Kunstloc Brabant! The motivation of Kunstloc Brabant to support this project: With the film 'As Skiing becomes dancing' Carel van Goch tells a very personal story with a broader common goal: giving notice to cancer as a decease and the daily struggle that patients, friends and family have to undergo in dealing with the decease. Next to this, making a film out of this true story with it's strong message is an important step in his career as (Brabantse) filmmaker. Kunstloc Brabant is happy to contribute to this development!

Quote that inspired the maker

The mountain and I, we are one. I am dancing my way down the hill.
Helma van Goch
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