A Documentary by Imke Renee Slump & Iris Wijngaarde
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LOCKLINEKoen hunts. Not everyone can appreciate that. Despite criticism and discussion, Koen wants more openness in the hunting world.


For six months we followed the Dutch hunter Koen (24). He spots, shoots, butchers and prepares wild animals. And not everyone appreciates that. Despite the criticism and discussions about hunting in The Netherlands, Koen wants to create more openness. During this documentary we see the hunting world through his eyes.

Hunting in the Netherlands has been in the news a lot this year. The Oostvaardersplassen in particular, dominated the reporting. The discussion about hunting made us curious and the longer we talked about it, the more questions we got. Why do we still have to hunt in the Netherlands? Isn't it a bit outdated? What exactly does a hunter do? And ... Can you love and shoot an animal at the same time? We decided to give hunter Koen a call. He caught our attention with his popular hunting account on Instagram.


When we started off this project almost a year ago we didn't knew that hunting was much more than simply killing animals. According to Koen, that's the biggest preconception people have. In order to really have a good discussion about hunting, we think you should know what you are talking about. We occasionally found ourselves a bit hypocritical; why do we think hunting is sad ... but at the same time eat processed meat from the supermarket?

We dove into a somewhat closed off world - in which nothing is black and white, really. We'd like to contribute to the discussion from a fresh perspective. We want to achieve this by showing people what hunting means in the Netherlands and how a young hunter in 2019 is trying to find his way to a more open culture. 


As young filmmakers we don't have a lot to spend. Luckily we got a lot of help from all kinds of heroes! But camera and audio equipment, an animator, accommodation and transport have cost us money. We also want our documentary to be played at international film festivals, for which a registration fee is often required. Your donation can help ALFA travel around the world!  

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Quote that inspired the maker

Hunting is more than just shooting.
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