An Experimental film by Jasper Coppes
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LOCKLINEWhen the big Greenlandic ice melts it will reach the shores of the Netherlands. Both humans and non-humans witness these dramatic changes.

"In Greenland the mountains are growing."

Elder Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq on the transformation of the landscape due to climate change.

At the beginning of 2016, Jasper Coppes met the Greenlandic Elder Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq in the Netherlands. Since the 1980s, this shaman travels around the world to raise public attention for Greenland’s melting ice. At the invitation of the shaman, the artist visited Greenland last year. He spent time in the changing landscape and spoke with Greenlanders about the country's (colonial) past, present and future. In the wake of this trip, Coppes wants to visually translate these experiences into a narrative experimental film.

The starting point of the film is Aasivissuit: a newly accredited UNESCO world heritage site in Greenland where the Inuït have been living for many generations. Starting from this location, which is undergoing major transformations as a consequence of climate change, the film will also show other landscapes, to express how deep strata of the earth are engaged with distant coasts. How present, past and future merge and how human and non-human protagonists coexist.

The film will develop an audio-visual language that includes both human perspectives and that of the landscape and its non-human inhabitants. Observations of a human resident can for example be interrupted by the attentive eye of a raven or by the dark shimmering of minerals under the microscope. The non-human entities speak their own language, have their own way of moving and their own colour palette, which will co-determine the appearance of the film. Their presence is also perceivable in the sound design of the film. To visualize that areas that seem distant at first glance are still connected, the film will connect the landscape of Greenland to overseas shores.

The Netherlands Film Fund and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts generously support the project. However, to complete the budget and carry out the necessary first trip to Greenland before the coming winter, we kindly ask for your private contribution. With €3000 from private supporters, we will be able to start the production after this summer. 

Quote that inspired the maker

Entanglements are not intertwinings of separate entities, but rather irreducible relations of responsibility. There is no fixed dividing line between ‘self’ and ‘other’, ‘past’ and ‘present’ and ‘future’, ‘here’ and ‘now’, ‘cause’ and ‘effect’.
Karen Barad, American theorist