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LOCKLINEIn the far future, four masked figures drag along a mysterious chest. On their journey, they find more than just exhaustion.

So. You just watched our fantastic crowdfunding video (if not, please do!) So hopefully, you now have a bit of an idea of ​​who we are and what we want to do. The drawings that are shown are concept drawings. We will eventually shoot this film in real life of course! If that is not clear. Below you will find more information about the project such as a short synopsis and what is needed to make progress in the process.


In the traditional way of making a music video, the music has already been made, and the video is made to be on top of it. Cool footage, a few repeating scenes, and voilà! But we want to do this differently and by doing so we believe the result will be astonishing. By making use of dark, leading music that adapts to the image, and the image that adapts to the music, a great compelling effect is created in the film. All elements in the music are translated visually into images and vice versa. This in combination with a compelling mythical story. In this way, the focus is not on the music or the video but the film as a whole. That’s why we believe this film is going to be something outstanding, and that's what drives us to make this amazing project!


We are a crew of young professionals from different angles in the film field. It is important to us every now and then to execute things in your own way. Creative freedom, you could say. Because of this, we are super excited about this project! The enthusiasm about the concept grew and as a result, more and more creative people joined us to show our strong points in the form of a compelling, futuristic, fictional (live-action) story.



Four unique masked figures, one journey and a tailor-made track accompanied by stunning shots.

In the distant future, four masked figures drag a large mysterious crate, travelling through a modern but fallen world. Who are these "men"? Where are they going? These questions will be slowly answered to the audience as the figures approach their destination. But is there a destination? The world through which they travel is cold and unforgivable. The figures seem focused and emotionless. What is behind these masks? Something has clearly happened that has made the world so cold and cold. But what? By working with suggestion and answer, we slowly but surely reveal information about the figures and their world and let the audience think through the entire film to discover the whole story for themselves.




Pre-production is currently well underway. We have now had the opportunity to shoot the film at THE location that we had in mind. All roles are fulfilled and the entire crew plus talent is eager to start the recordings in the late winter. The costumes and props are currently selected by hand, edited and in many cases even specially made. By searching in our nearby network, everyone has been kind enough to voluntarily join this project. Furthermore, the production team has, of course, ensuring that the budget is calculated as cost-efficiently as possible.


On the other hand, there are of course unavoidable costs. The entire production will take place at night and in the late winter, which means that we have to keep the entire team warm and efficient. For this, we need, among other things, the following; transport, hot food, the right camera and light equipment. In order not to forget that the weather will not always be on our side, we must take the right precautions here. A lot of attention, time and budget will also have to be devoted to the costumes and the dressing of the world (production design).


So, become a part of this project and donate!

Thank you very much!



Quote that inspired the maker

In contradiction and paradox, you can find truth.
Denis Villeneuve
This project was successfully funded on 08-02-2020