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About the project
LOCKLINEDocumentary about happy people with a contagious zest for life of 100 years or older. Is passion for life the recipe for longevity?

In the documentary 100UP world-renowned film maker Heddy Honigmann would like to meet a cross-section of remarkable centenarians from different backgrounds and cultures who still enjoy life. From musicians and lawyers to poets and entrepreneurs. She would like to film how they handle old age, how happy they are in spite of physical discomforts and impending death and how precious life is to them. Do they think about death? About how much time is left?

100UP might be a serious documentary about really old people and a search for the secrets of their longevity, but the centenarians will certainly also be entertaining, witty and smart. A few centenarians may be less clear in their answers regarding their ‘secrets’ to a long and fulfilling live and they might be better explained or aided by their actions; the poet reading his favourite poem, the woman in the garden talking about her most beloved flower or the fisherman talking about the smell of the sea he still enjoys every day.

For each character Heddy will find scenes to visualize their present life. She wants to portray the centenarians in their natural surroundings; preferably, but not only, doing the thing they love the most. Gradually we will get closer to the core of the story, their combined ‘wisdom’. As in all her documentaries, the viewer will get the time to know the characters without too much distraction, awkward settings or unnatural viewpoints.

Lucienne and Raymonde(Lucienne and Raymonde, 102 years, Saint George de Didonne)

Why Cinecrowd?

Heddy is already in contact with a bunch of great characters that she wants to film as soon as possible because the film obviously requires some degree of urgency. Like the Medical Expert: Dr. Ephraim Engleman (103, San Francisco), The Ajax fan Mien Schouten (107, Badhoevedorp), The Gardening Twins: Lucienne and Raymonde (102, Saint George de Didonne, FR), The Sports Fanatic: Fauja Singh (103, London), Cyclist: Robert Marchand (103, Mitry-Mory) and The Stories Carrier: Aunti Es (104, Paramaribo, SU).

Cinecrowd makes it possible to get financial support in a relatively short amount of time, so the filming process can start very quickly.            

100UP uncovers the mysteries of life that triumph over old age and decay!

(Mien Schouten, 107 years, Badhoevedorp)


Quote that inspired the maker

In spite of illness one can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things and happy in small ways
Edith Wharton (1862-1937)
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